Customizable Rectangle Marquee Wristbands

A unique silicone bracelet shape for wristbands with a message.

UNIQUEMarquee Display

This band features a custom marquee display for sleek promotion of your message. Choose from a square or rounded shape in any color or pattern.


CUSTOMLettering & Art

Choose from a variety of fonts and symbols to create your custom phrase or message — both on the front and back of the band. Custom fonts and artwork are also available.


100%Pure Silicone

We use the highest quality mixtures to make sure you’re getting the toughest, most awesome bands ever. Silicone is stronger and longer-lasting than rubber, and Reminderband conducts ongoing tests and research to ensure our bands are the best on the market.



Bring attention to your message, artwork, or logo with our distinctive marquee wristbands — a great (and more customizable) alternative to expensive metal ID and Alert bracelets. These pure silicone wristbands are flexible, durable, and stylish. The rectangle marquee bracelets are perfect for highlighting hashtags or symbols, ID wristbands, medical alert bracelets, and more. The 3D viewer at the right displays an interactive example to help visualize the look and texture of the bracelet.

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